Thursday, February 19, 2009

Nanny's talk

1st of all, just my own opinion. None of the word below is pointing to anyone.

It's a good way letting out your feeling thru blog'ing. You can release all your thought and complain anything you want that you won't be able to say it in your real daily life. That's how more and more people don't really mind their words when blog'ing because they believe that is their very own way. You stay if you like me; you Fxxk off if you hate me.

Most of the people nowadays try their best to be true to themselves. They assume only being yourself is the happiest way to carry your life. So they write whatever they want and curse whoever/whatever they are not happy with. I do agree that this might be a way to somehow calm your mind. But too many people have just followed this way blindly.

When you only know to point a finger to others, you have forgotten that you actually pointing four other fingers back to yourself. You can't realise what is your own mistake when you don't even try to admit it. I happened to know that someone lost her purse in uni's library. I do feel sorry for her but the next moment i read thru her blog, I feel nothing for her instead. She cursed the thief (if guy will get gang bang by gay and gal will just better drop off from high and die), she cursed the government's system and even her own country.

I know how angry and frustrated for her to the lost, but does she ever think that she own has fault too?! I remember there are all the notices around the library reminding not to leave any valuable things in your bag especially handphone and purse when you are leaving them away from you. In this case, I see no a word in the post for her own careless action beside cursing cursing and cursing to 3rd party still. I just wonder does she ever blame herself or feel guilty for anything she has done so far.

How lousy you are when you blame others for your own mistakes? It is always easier to feel better by putting the blame on others or even cursing them simply. But you will never see yourself truly. As the assumption previously, it won't be a happy way to carry your life. I might sound like an old nanny nagging but still I believe cursing and blaming won't make us any happier and not even close to the prettier personality. I'm reminding myself all of the times.

Quote of mama:" Never curse anyone because it will happen exactly back on you if the bad luck missed them."


ButTeRcUp said...

i know siapa itu.. well.. some people will only learn in a long long time to come >.<

Eva Eva said...

totally agree. stop cursing and just do smtg else to release the feeling. eg : eat or go to sleep instead.

yayawoo said...

walao... stupid la wei~
sendiri punya fault, some more blame ppl~
i agree with li hwa,
she should keep it nicely la ma~
not put it there, gv the chance to let ppl curi it~


jeepeng said...

cursing no good... praying is better(sometimes works, we're praying the DV tapes to come out...)LOL!!!

Dick Chua said..., still can't find ah?

Lihwa, you are so brave, if I'm you, I curse back that gal...haha~ kidding~

Xian said...

agree agree!!! wtf dono how to take care of her own things still wanna tok so much..if kena rompak or what she curse still nvm lo..but left the bag outside n kena stolen in uni summore...all i can say sense...

ten1o said...

relax relax... no point wasting time talking to this kind of people...