Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fashion Freeze

Worked for this Fashion Freeze at Pavilion every weekend in the last two months. Basically my job scope was to wear the outfit which was prepared by different brand/shop every week and posing as a mannequin at the main entrance of Pavilion. There would be a photographer from Sony Centre who was there to help people taking pictures with us. They can collect a free photo (with frame) at Sony Centre after 2 hours. People who pose most creative stand a chance to win a Sony camera !

I have tried more than 16 brands, eg: Forever 21, Mooks, Animal, Salabianca, Voir, FILA, Roxy, Paul Frank, Adidas, G2000, Converse, Pull & Bear ... ++

Here are some of the pics taken:

FILA - Jean & Me

Paul Frank


Pull & Bear -SuperHero Series

We're SuperHero XD




Pull & Bear

I would say some of the person-in-charge are really friendly and nice! They let us choose the clothes we liked to wear, prepared beverage for us (few choices to make somemore!)and the best would be giving us the free gift, vouchers and discount (staff price)! Most surprising us would be Converse I think. They gave everyone of us a pair of free sneaker! Terima Kasih banyak banyak~

Did you ever see me 'freezing' at Pavilion?
Did you take a pic with me? Or your friends did?
I would love to see the pics! Send me! ^^


jeepeng said...

the Pull&bear-Superhero series very nice!!!

yayawoo said...

yeah lo!
the SuperHero series really very nice!
i visit last yesterday, but not selling any more too bad...