Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sweet dream

This was the 2nd time. I could hardly recall what was inside there. I never know I could dream again with the feeling I felt a year ago. But please, I don't need them anymore.Take it far away from me and I want my sweet dream back!

" Standing in the drizzle.
My sight was as blurred as my mind.

There was nobody.
Loneliness had osmosis into every inch of my skin.
I was shivering... I was scared.

I ran... I shouted... There was no one i could see and hear.
I fell down badly... But i couldn't feel any.
Cause my heart was much more painful.
It was so pained... pained with the emptiness... pained with the hopelessness.

I cried for help... my tears had dried-up though.
I was just lying there dreadfully...
Waiting for You...
Waiting to see the sun...
Waiting to feel that I'm really yours..."
[Written on May 4th, 2007 by Me]


iamwen said...

Cheer up! ^____________________^

beebee said...

好像很可怕似的= =

buttercup said...

perhaps you can start considering about becoming a writer.

Michael Mok said...

hmmm the emoness is damn creepy
thank god its FRIDAY......
ummm hehe out of topic