Sunday, November 2, 2008

Instax Mini Managers!

Proudly introduce my 2 superB ji mui (Managers). Tried my 1st mini instax when we're hang'ing out at OldTown as usual on Saturday night! We Luv instax! Wakaka~ So cute! ^^

Sinkeat aka HiaoPo !
(LaoPo, dont worry too much! Everything will be ok!)

HuiXian aka HiaoZaBo !
(Special dedicate this post to uuu... In English! =P)

Luv you both~ Muax! ((=


tennsen said...

new camera again~~~~ huhuh...

sinkeat said...

so heart Instax Mini ... ^^

Xian said...

AARGH!! im so englisb summore..*sobs* instax mini!!! woohoo!

jeepeng said...

wow! mini instax!!!