Monday, February 9, 2009


:: Short Updates ::

Okay, I know I have M.I.A for quite some times. Here I am, SINGAPORE ! This is the last night staying here since Saturday. I'm staying at The Hive, a budget hostel. We chose to stay in the open dorm! Well, it is a really good experience I would say and I'm using the provided online service to blog now! CHEAP doesn't always mean BAD! ^^

Anyway, at least one conclusion is made in this trip :
So many brands are CHEAPER in Singapore!
(Especially : Charles & Keith, Aldo)

So by now, I'm broke = PoKai! T_T

Last but not least, I'm sorry to my fella frens that I'll be m.I.a even longer in coming days because of the final year project. Do miss me more and curse me less! XD

Ohya, Happi early Valentine's day everyone! Stay sweet (=

p/s: Try not to buy bag from Pull & Bear if you're a heavy-bag-user. It is soft but really 'weak'!

3 comments: said...

i tot kl MIA academy...
wat is SG MIA?

althena said...

Haha... M.I.A meaning missing in action =P

I Is Novil, And You Is Tarzan. said...

miss you sista~ so busy sial.. T _ T summore can go spore main and shopping.. have more rest yah.. *BIG huGs* loves you.. =))