Thursday, June 25, 2009







I might not be a typical good student in your prospection, but I'm glad. Spending the life as you in order for you to accept me, is the worst thing I will never want myself to do.
Looking nerd (like u) = good student ? How superficial you are.

Continue to dislike me, it makes me to believe you are just another creature of the PHD(Permanent Head Damage) title or simply a narcissist. And ya, replying student's email is the courtesy you should at least perform as a lecturer.

So, F off!


I Is Novil, And You Is Tarzan. said...

dislike this kinda lecturer too.. they always assumed we're never serious enough in our work like other people..

btw is it that gene marker lecturer? well, if yes, he can gene marker himself.. pfft! sayang sista.. hugs

Dick Chua said...

yeah, F off nerd!!